As business look for ways to amplify their profits we have all been taught the three standard methods to increase sales: Find new customers, have a larger dollar value per sale, or increase the frequency of purchases from repeat customers.  PermaBlock™ allows you to accomplish all three of these methods. First, be able to have a sale to the homeowner even when you core product (windows, siding, gutter, Etc.) are rejected with a targeted specific product solution. Second, have a larger sale from presentation when you add a waterproofing material to your core offerings.  Third, resell to old customers and have a product to introduce to past leads with whom you didn’t close a deal with before.

By offering PermaBlock™ you can significantly increase your sales and your profits. If you can close more presentations and/or increase the transaction amount of those sales presentations that can change your profitability. More dollars without additional sales cost allows for more to fall to your bottom line. How many old leads do you have? How many of them could be customers for a wet basement solution? If you could sell to 5% of the people you have made presentation to in the last 5-7 years, how much could that be worth?

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