Meet our Development Partner:

Creative Material Technologies, Ltd.

    We offer…

    Research & Development Services, including:

    • Custom Raw Material Formulation
    • Contract Research and Development
    • Custom Coating Formulation
    • Contract Coating
    • Equipment and Process Development
    • Private Labeling


    • Research & Development Services Overview
      Successful coating, molding, forming, and extrusion operations require more than existing chemistries. Therefore, CMT focuses not only on the chemical formulation, but also on the application and equipment parameters necessary for profitable product development and commercialization. Further, CMT understands that to limit development efforts to existing well-known raw materials diminishes both the likelihood of a superior product being developed and the physical properties that product can possess.
    • Custom Raw Material Formulation
      Put our raw material formulation experience to work for you in developing custom raw material solutions, including isocyanate prepolymers to meet your project requirements. Examples of custom raw material solutions include, but are not limited to, 100% solids and less than 100% solids isocyanate prepolymers, hybridized molecules and variable cure functional materials.Intellectual Property rights may be shared or assigned depending upon the project requirements. A supply agreement is not necessarily required for all developed materials. All inquiries kept strictly confidential.
    • Contract Research and Development
      Do you have a unique application or problem requiring the development or improvement upon a specialized material, application process, or application equipment? Utilize our experienced R & D personnel with a proven record in new product research, development, and scale up. CMT’s R & D team includes chemists, application specialists, and equipment design engineers, and can take your project from concept stage, through the formulation stage, continuing through application and beta testing stages, and to full scale up and process optimization.Further, if the project requires our CMT development team, we can assist with IP, market, and roll out strategies. Intellectual Property rights may be shared or assigned depending upon the project requirements. We can structure the development of the IP as a joint development agreement or purely funded development. A few available alternatives of IP ownership structure include sole ownership, joint ownership, master licensing, or application-specific licensing. A supply agreement is not necessarily required for all developed materials. Private labeling arrangements are available for CMT internally developed products. All inquiries kept strictly confidential.



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    What We Believe

    • Creative Material Technologies, Ltd. was founded and operates with the belief that a business can only succeed if it truly serves its customers’ needs.
    • Our belief drives our commitment to customer service, research and development, and product development.
    • Our commitment leads us to offer high-performing products that solve real world problems.
    • Our specialty is coatings, sealants, and adhesives that are solutions to tough problems.
    • Our focus is our customers.  We grow by creating satisfied, repeat customers who will tell others about us.


    What We Do

    We Solve Problems!


    Some of the problems that we have helped solve are as follows:

    • High performance coatings with industrial strength and decorative appearance;
    • Elimination of solvents in high performance coatings systems;
    • Elastomeric sealants that can be applied as low as -20° F; 100% solids pure polyurea
    • Adhesives that bond dissimilar materials together;
    • A low-cost polyurethane spray foam system that allows for building envelope repair and remodeling insulation;
    • 100% solids CLEAR Polyurea-based coatings that provide protection as well as great looks for the automotive, marine, and RV markets and more;
    • Spray equipment systems that virtually eliminate overspray while protecting the sprayer;
    • a hot tub coating system that can survive full water immersion service at elevated temperatures with chlorine exposure;
    • a 100% solids Polyurea hybrid coating system that encapsulates pressure treated wood to eliminate the arsenic contact while also eliminating cracks, checking, and splinters;
    • design and build a new portable and low cost Low Pressure Cold / Warm Spray Voyager Spray System(s) where the chemicals never touch the pump mechanism saving time, money, and our environment.


    Through solving these problems, and more, we have demonstrated our continuing drive to solve real world problems for our customers.

    However, all problems are not tangible …some are economic or business model related. Therefore, another way we solve our customer’s problems is to create a market opportunity where foreign competition, excessive regulation, or technological development threatens that customer’s business. Our solution set provides these customers an avenue to grow their business or change their economic position by creating new markets where no such avenue previously existed. This has given us a depth and breadth of not just knowledge, but understanding to apply to other application markets.

    Additionally, with decades of coating formulation and raw materials experience supporting the work of  CrystaLiner® and Voyager™ Spray Systems, and our other products, we are able to assist our customers in tackling real world problems with high-performance product solutions. These solutions may be for the homeowner, the contractor, or the OEM customer and may be in the residential, industrial, commercial, or consumer markets. The applications are virtually endless…

    Our CrystaLiner®,  the “Original Clear Bed Liner”™ for the automotive industry is just one example.


    Our Customers

    Our customers are very diverse with regard to their size: ranging from the Fortune 100 corporation that needs a unique product developed or problem solved, to the homeowner who wants to protect his garage floor with a coating that will not tire mark, have color fade, or crack when a tool is dropped on it;

    Our customers are also in a variety of markets: in the heavy industries you will find our coating solutions in the oil, water treatment, mining, and automotive industries to mention a few and with respect to the light industries our coating solutions may be seen in the scenography,  audio, and marine industries, and much more.

    Our customers are widespread geographically, with coating solution applicators to be found in the mountains of Peru and the plains of North Dakota.  Our technologies are growing both in applications and over multiple continents.

    Our customers serve many markets and are found in the entire range of the “product channel”, from OEMS, to Distributors, to Private Labelers, Jobbers and Contractors, and all the way to the end user – either a DIYer, Homeowner, or business.

    IN FACT, maybe the only consistency found throughout all of our customers is the understanding that value is derived from solving problems and the larger the problem, the greater the value.

    We solve problems! Let us SOLVE some problems for YOU!